Saturday, August 28, 2010

Busy With School Intramural

It was really busy in school lately because of the Intramural. Everyone was busy which includes me. I was busy with my own task in school that was given to me which was being the leader in design committee to decorate the float for our department candidates for Miss DMC. Along with that assigned task, I learned how to make a proposal letter proposing for the things we needed. It was very challenging, the decorating and the proposing part. We are so proud that both of our candidates made it to the top five. One was the 2nd runner while the other one won the 5th place which is not bad.
I mention in my older blog post about me joining cheer dance competition. I am sad to say I did not pursue it because I didn't handle the overtime in practicing. I've been coming home late during the first 2 weeks of joining the practice plus there are lessons that needed attention because of the examinations. Just the other day, the competition was held at our school ground. I am proud to say that our department had the best cheer dance steps among the departments. There was a bad thing happened though during the competition. The criteria was change that made our cheer dance team won the last place. It was very unfair but we didn't have nothing to do but accept the defeat.

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