Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Cutest Blog This Is!

Finally the cutest blog is here...hehehe. Sorry but I could not help but brag of my blog's new look. Thank you so much to my ever loving Ate (big sister) for creating a new layout for me last night. She mentioned she will change my blog layout to make it look cuter but she didn't tell she will do it right away. 

Here is my blog layout and as you can see it is really pretty, really cute.
Now I have the cutest blog ever!

I cannot wait to change the blog url of this blog. My Ate bought me a domain name two days ago - and I cannot wait to switch that url to this 'blogspot'. 

For now Blogger is under maintenance. It is said switching to custom domain name is disabled. I wonder when the maintenance will be over. Do you know when?

We Win!

After a long hours of practice, we prepared ourselves, prepared our attire and waited for our group number to be called. We were all nervous to perform especially me since I was put in the middle among the dancers. Although nervous, at the same time, we were all excited to perform or to show our best. 

I love the pink belt on my simple dotted black dress and the shiny boots with hints of crystally, neony pink.

Still waiting for our dance number, we thought of striking a pose before our grand performance. Below is a picture of me with my gay friends and other co-dancers in our retro dance attire.
It was a strike for the WIN!

The most anticipated moment arrived. Our number was called and there we went to perform all nervous but excited. We gave out best to our performance and because of that we got the victory. We were announced as the First Place Winner in retro dance. 

If there's one that was so nervous during our performance, it was me. As you can see, I am placed at the center, which means with one wrong move I do, I'll screw the whole group. Still though, we ripped what we sow. Our hard work since the day one of the practice had earned us the deserved victory.

Congratulations to us, to my hard-working co-dancers, to our supportive classmates and most of all to our awesome Department, the HRiM Department!

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Preparing to perform for the Musical Night

During our foundation day last month, I participated in Musical Night. I'm one of  the chosen students to perform a retro dance. On the musical night we did a final practice before our performance, so I, along with my fellow retro dancers to do my best to perfect our steps.

Here I'am with my co retro dancer who is a first year student being so friendly to me and asked to have a picture with me. He is the most beautiful gay I've ever seen in our school campus.

Ofcouse i should strike a single pose too. Please excuse though because i was all in sweat due to our final practice. We only had one thing in our minds that night, TO WIN !!!
Here I'm with the other new gay friends, co retro dancers. We are all lovely aren't we? Watch out of the result of our performance next post. ..did we WIN or NOT? You'll see ..... 

Fun tank top and me

Last month we (HRiM students) went to Cagayan de Oro for educational tour. I had a lot of fun while there. We went shopping at Limketkai Mall and i have a great time picking for stuffs that i like, because they are very affordable. One that I shopped was this white tank top with a fun water melon print in the front.
 I put it on right away. I like it so much because its very comfortable.
Here's me being silly in front of the mirror trying to take a self shot of me wearing my new tank top. i bought it for only P95.00. SWEET!!!

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Blogging again

I welcome my self back into blogging again. My sister influenced me so that i can practice my english and writing .
The picture above were taken in Manukan in our home town .We went there to celebrate 2011 christmas with my whole family. Before the christmas eve ,me and my elder sisters decided to go to the town proper to take picture of the new buildings. Ofcourse i stroke a pose for the camera.