Sunday, July 25, 2010

HRIM Student's Masquerade Party

Yesterday we had a masquerade party held at Makayla Garden in Mibang Hotel. The main purpose of that party was to search for Mr. and Ms. HRIM. I really had a great time being with my new friends in school plus it was the first time I attended a Masquerade party. I was only wearing a simple red cocktail dress with matching glittery red, white and silver mask.

Here are some more photos taken that night with my classmates:

We all had a lot of fun that night. We all enjoyed the music and most especially the foods. Our contribution for that party was 200 pesos each and we were all satisfied. As for me, I liked the place for it gave a friendly and lively atmosphere. They decorated Makayla Garden very well for that event. It was a blast of fun and enjoyment!


Mrs. Kolca said...

great partying huh! btw, your dress is a hit. love it.

Faye said...

pretty girls!:)

Dhemz said...

you look stunning on your red cocktail dress dear...pede huwaman...ehhehee!

came here to visit from Chie's blog!