Thursday, July 29, 2010

I ♥ Pink: Pink Umbrella by Peacock

It is rainy season here is the Philippines so I need an umbrella to go to school. Just last month, I lost two beautiful pink umbrellas in school both given by my ate Chie. The first umbrella was special because it was my birthday gift and it was quite expensive with a cost of 490 pesos. The second pink umbrella is cheaper that cost half the price of my first one. It was a slender umbrella and I love it.

I felt shy to my self and to my sister knowing I lost the things that big sister had given me so this time, I bought a pink umbrella using my allowance. It means I didn't spend that much in school canteen to save money to buy it. And here is what I bought, another pink umbrella with a touch and share of purple by peacock.


Prettymom said...

nice umbrella.. perfect this rainy season.. parang mas excited ka lagi nyan pag umuulan para lagi mo gamit pink umbrella mo..hihi

Maritess said...

nice pink umbrella, i love it!
Thanks for joining I Love Pink

Mrs. Kolca said...

fab umbrella! i used to have a very pretty ruffled pink umbrella but i lost it in baguio.. huhuhu..

happy weekend cheep.. hope you visit me back :)

Faye said...

very kikay : ) I love it!