Thursday, September 13, 2012

Preparing to perform for the Musical Night

During our foundation day last month, I participated in Musical Night. I'm one of  the chosen students to perform a retro dance. On the musical night we did a final practice before our performance, so I, along with my fellow retro dancers to do my best to perfect our steps.

Here I'am with my co retro dancer who is a first year student being so friendly to me and asked to have a picture with me. He is the most beautiful gay I've ever seen in our school campus.

Ofcouse i should strike a single pose too. Please excuse though because i was all in sweat due to our final practice. We only had one thing in our minds that night, TO WIN !!!
Here I'm with the other new gay friends, co retro dancers. We are all lovely aren't we? Watch out of the result of our performance next post. ..did we WIN or NOT? You'll see ..... 

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