Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Cutest Blog This Is!

Finally the cutest blog is here...hehehe. Sorry but I could not help but brag of my blog's new look. Thank you so much to my ever loving Ate (big sister) for creating a new layout for me last night. She mentioned she will change my blog layout to make it look cuter but she didn't tell she will do it right away. 

Here is my blog layout and as you can see it is really pretty, really cute.
Now I have the cutest blog ever!

I cannot wait to change the blog url of this blog. My Ate bought me a domain name two days ago - and I cannot wait to switch that url to this 'blogspot'. 

For now Blogger is under maintenance. It is said switching to custom domain name is disabled. I wonder when the maintenance will be over. Do you know when?

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